2018 Films


Best Young Filmmaker
Zero Waste

Best Very Short Film
Sankofa Community Farm

Best Short Film
It is not only about fish

Audience Choice Award
SPIRITED: The Birder

The 2018 Earth Port Film Festival will screen eight short films that tell engaging and inspiring stories of people and communities around the world taking action to address the environmental challenges facing the Earth today. were selected for screening at the 2018 Earth Port Film Festival. The films are listed below in alphabetical order.

Cranberry Lake (Zoya Baker)
USA, 17 min
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Forest ecology students lead us through an immersive learning experience at a remote research station in the Adirondacks. Cranberry Lake captures the first sparks of budding field biologists and the importance of environmental education sites such as Cranberry Lake Biological Station for developing the next generation of environmental leaders.

Eyes on the Water (Jason Hanasik and Graelyn Brashear)
USA, 10 min
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What happens when a food source critical to a way of life becomes too risky to eat? As oceans get warmer and more acidic due to climate change, toxic algae blooms that poison shellfish are becoming a bigger and bigger problem. It’s a global issue, but it hits Southeast Alaska hard.

Eyes on the Water is story of native Alaskan tribes who are pushing back against the growing threat of shellfish poisoning with a self-run testing network—saving lives while protecting a link to an ancient culture, and shedding light on an environmental problem that is maddeningly hard to fight. At the heart of it is the way we understand and navigate the effects of climate change on our lives, our diet, and our health.

It is not only about fish (Kodjo Adanledji)
Switzerland/Norway (16 min)

It’s not only about fish is a movie about the fight of the Sami people and young environmental activists in Finnmark, Norway, against the plan for mineral mines to dump millions of tons of deposits into the Repparfjord—a national salmon fjord.

Sankofa Community Farm (Mitchell Smith)
USA, 4 min

Founded as the Community Farm and Food Resource Center in 2012, the Farm at Bartram’s Garden increases access to fresh, organic, nutritious food to the Southwest and West Philadelphia communities. The Farm aims to build a more just and community-powered food system, helping people to develop self-reliance through food sovereignty and deepening their relationship with the land, their food, and each other.

The Ballad of Holland Island (Lynn Tomlinson)
USA, 4 min
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Animated clay paintings tell the true story of the last house on a sinking island in the Chesapeake Bay. In an Old-Time Music ballad, the house sings of its life and the creatures it has sheltered during its journey from tree, to timber, to home, to its ultimate return to nature. It contemplates time, environmental change, and the rise of the seas.

The Birder (Derek Kimball, Randy Gaetano)
USA, 8 min

Maine can be a quiet place. Coupled with a raw beauty and contemplative pace, it nurtures deep passion within those who pursue a craft. The thinkers and writers, naturalists and farmers… the brewers, chefs, the athletes and artisans — the ones who call Maine home and give it a go here, make for an incredible story.

Spirited is a video series that honors that passion in short vignettes.
In The Birder  episode, we dive into the practice of nature connection, especially through the study and exploration of bird calls with bird language expert, Dan Gardoqui. Following Dan into the field, we learn what inspires him to get outside of our daily lives and live a “wilder” version of our existence — one that fosters a greater patience and appreciation within us for the world around us.

Prescription Strength Convenience (Maui Huliau)
USA, 2 min

This film was made by Maui students ages 12-18 in the Huliau Environmental Filmmaking Club during the 2016-17 school year. This parody of a prescription drug commercial pokes fun at the many environmentally unfriendly actions we take on a daily basis in our convenience-addicted society and how they impact our environment and quality of life.

Zero Waste (Maui Huliau)
USA, 8 min

This film was made by Maui students ages 12-18 in the Huliau Environmental Filmmaking Club during the 2016-17 school year. This documentary film funded by the Maui County Office of Economic Development tells the story of how the Huliau Zero Waste Event program began, it’s progress in the first year and how it is already changing the way we look at waste disposal at some of Maui’s most popular community events.

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